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Phantom GX soccer cleats provide strong performance

Alessandro Arpaio
The Phantom GX’s offer comfort, speed and control on the ball for £235. When they were released to the world, their Gripknit technology revolutionized the game.

The Nike Phantom GXs have quickly become one of the most popular soccer cleats in the world because of their new Gripknit technology. According to Footballbootsbd, 1,229 professional soccer players wear Phantom GXs. There are hundreds of thousands of soccer cleats to pick from, but the Phantom GXs enhance performance the most at a price of £235.

Nike’s new Gripknit technology is a sticky material that provides a better touch on the ball in both wet and dry conditions. The material also covers the first two laces so there is more surface area for the ball to be controlled. Arguably the best part about it is that the material molds to the shape of the user’s foot which provides extra comfort. Yet, the feeling of the Gripknit technology takes time to adapt to as it sticks to the ball which can be uncomfortable when dribbling for the first time.

There are 10 different colorways and some of the best players in the world, like Manchester City’s Erling Haaland and Inter Miami’s Sergio Busquets, are wearing them. With its main competitors, the Nike Mercurials costing £264, the Phantom GXs are a great investment. The Nike Mercurials weigh the same as the Phantom GXs and provide a lot less padding. With less padding, players can get a better feel for the ball, but it also decreases protection and control.

The Phantom GXs are made of a relatively thick and foam-like material, which protects your foot and helps cushion the ball. The back of the cleats does not have a solid heel counter, which makes them more comfortable and easier to break into. Furthermore, the heel padding on the inside of the boot prevents blisters. The shoes themselves are just as light as most top-end speed boots, meaning you get more padding and a better touch without sacrificing speed.
On the other hand, it does result in less protection on the heel.

The new stud pattern has a zigzag design which improves traction and helps users change direction a little bit quicker. In addition, it is very flexible so it moves naturally with the foot.

Ultimately, the Phantom GX’s are a great boot. They are cheaper than the Nike Mercurials while being the same weight and offering more protection. The Phantom GX’s also provide better ball control than most brands with the lace-cover design, making them a better option.

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Alessandro Arpaio ('26) is a Reporter for The Standard in Advanced Journalism.

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