What to do without sports

Jonathan Novak, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

First the NBA, then the conference tournaments, then March Madness, then the Premier League, then the NHL, and then literally everything. 

March 12 was a sad day for sports fans.

Every single American sports league has been postponed; all European soccer leagues have been postponed; the NCAA has canceled every single spring sport and the all winter sports tournaments.

I sit here today in front of a black tv screen, when usually there’d be two teams who I don’t really care about playing a Super Sunday match. Today would have been selection Sunday, where the teams and seedings of the college basketball tournaments would have been announced. 

I write this today to provide hope, to fill the gaping hole in sports fans’ lives. 

Here is a list of the top five things to do without live sports. Maybe these will help, maybe they won’t, but it’s something to fall back on if you’re running out of ideas.


1. Simulate games on FIFA, NBA2K and all video games for the sports you miss the most

With all of the players in many different sports in lockdown, try simulating those games virtually. Although this means nothing whatsoever in the whole scheme of the sports world, it can make it seem like they are actually playing. Who knows, maybe a virtual Lionel Messi will score some crazy goals. Leeds United fans have even started doing this. 

2. Discuss hypothetical scenarios 

Although this is a common occurrence even when sports are in session, in today’s times, why not ramp it up a bit? Debate about what would be happening in the leagues right now. Talk about how the GOAT conversation would change if Lebron won the championship this year. Talk about who would have won made the Final Four. With literally no evidence available whatsoever for these conversations, they can be quite enjoyable. Strongly recommend.

3. Pick up new hobbies

I woke up this morning to learn that Giannis Antetokounmpo can now play “Smoke On the Water” on guitar. If Giannis can do it with 12-inch hands, so can you. 


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4. Watch highlights

I feel like generally reminiscing on old sporting events is an underrated experience. Maybe have a look through the endless recommendations on youtube about past champions league finals, or top 10 sporting moments of the decade. Relive moments in sports that are particularly special. Youtube has quite an array of options. 





5. Listen to sports podcasts not talk about sports

Whenever I think of how rough life without sports is, I remind myself that this isn’t actually my job. It would be really bad if your livelihood depended on it. So, those who are in that situation, really have to get creative. Also, they offer someone to share your commissary with because there’s a personal aspect to podcasts that’s hard to put into words.