StuCo to hold upcoming speeches through promotional videos


Helen Roth

StuCo candidates will present promotional videos in advisories Sept. 22. Traditional candidate speeches used in the past have been replaced with this new method for elections.

Sajah Ali, News Editor: Online

Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, the Student Council is moving away from their traditional candidate speeches and focusing on promotional videos for upcoming elections. 

Grade 11 and 12 students have been sent an email with the videos attached, and can vote through an online survey. Grade 9 and 10 students will watch the videos and vote in advisory or class. Candidates will run for grade representative positions as well as the officer positions of treasurer, secretary and PR officers. The election results will come out Sept. 22.

StuCo president Micaella Lavi (’20) said that StuCo’s plan to switch to promotional videos is an attempt to make the relationship between StuCo and the student body less formal. 

We wanted a more conversational aspect where the reps. ‘interact’ more, and that just works better through a video.”

— Micaella Lavi ('21)

“We wanted a more conversational aspect where the reps. ‘interact’ more, and that just works better through a video,” she said. “We are just tired of the same speeches, where people say ‘I would be a great student council member because’ and they start listing, which is frankly boring.”

Lavi also said that doing speeches via Zoom in front of candidates’ respective grades would not have the same effect as an in-person delivery. 

“Doing speeches on Zoom right now seems like a horrendous idea, and it’s also not the same as if 100 people went down right now and sat in the auditorium and [had] to perform it live,” she said. 

Lavi said that this new method used during the election process could permanently change StuCo for the better. 

“With videos you can portray a lot more than with speeches, it could resonate with people,” she said. “People could relate more which could change the tide for student council elections.”