Top 5 places to go for off-campus lunch


John Towfighi

Now that students are only permitted off-campus lunch a limited number of days each week, it can be difficult to decide where to eat. Experimenting with new restaurants and eating from old favorites can not only help support local businesses but will make off-campus lunch all the more enjoyable.

Grace Hamilton, Culture Editor: Online


Gail’s is a classic bakery located on the high street. Lunch options range from soups to croissants to wraps. However, the bakery also serves delicious pastries and other sweet treats for a sweeter lunch or a dessert. Perhaps Gail’s is most known for its beverages, specifically their coffee and, of course, their famous chai latte. With it being just a five-minute walk from school, Gail’s is the perfect option for days when a light lunch with a cup of coffee is appealing. 


A slightly newer addition to the high street, Laurent’s serves coffee, baked goods and pastries. Laurent’s is only a seven-minute walk from school, making it the ideal choice for those craving good coffee and a French bakery-style lunch. This deli is known for its freshly-baked products and tasty beverages. It is perfect for those hoping to avoid the crowds and enjoy French food at reasonable prices. 

Bruno’s Deli

Bruno’s Deli is a casual Italian café located on Abbey Road. Bruno’s has a variegated menu created to satisfy any Italian craving, including pizza, paninis and pasta. The restaurant offers both takeaway and dine-in, and it is a great choice for those looking for high-quality Italian food at low prices. Given that Bruno’s is slightly farther from school and is not the typical grab-and-go experience, it is best to keep timing in mind when eating there. Nonetheless, it is well worth the extra time and is a must-visit restaurant for every student. 


Panzer’s, a favorite among students, is a grocery store complete with a bakery, deli and sushi bar. Panzer’s has a lunch option for everyone, no matter what cuisine one is hankering for. The store also specializes in American food and has a wide selection of snacks and classic American choices. For those nostalgic for Goldfish, Pop-Tarts or Fruit Loops, Panzer’s is the place to go. Situated on the high street, Panzer’s has both convenience and the large range of lunch selections going for it. 

The Good Life Eatery 

Sometimes you just need avocado toast. The Good Life Eatery, a modern and cute restaurant, has a menu packed with healthy, delicious lunch options. From acai bowls to superfood salads to wraps, The Good Life Eatery has it all. In addition to the extensive food options, the cafe also offers cold-pressed juice and smoothies. Located adjacent to St. John’s Wood Park, The Good Life Eatery is one of the best restaurants to order food from for off-campus lunch.