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Administration announces Simon Lewis to join university advising team

Graphic by Zoe Karibian
Lewis is the co-founder of UES Education, an independent educational consultancy based in London. The school partnered with UES Education during May, utilizing their diagnostic SAT and ACT tests for Grade 10. (Photo courtesy of Simon Lewis)

Simon Lewis will join the university advising team part-time next academic year and full-time from August 2024, according to an email from High School Principal Devan Ganeshananthan May 25.

Currently, Lewis holds the position of head of international university advising at Latymer Upper School. According to Ganeshananthan, Lewis has extensive knowledge of universities and colleges both in the U.S. and U.K. and has helped students explore opportunities for higher education in other countries. 

Lewis said the most rewarding aspect of his job is witnessing the positive impact he has on students’ lives.

“It’s knowing that you’ve helped somebody navigate that tricky period of their lives in a way that they feel kind of confident and optimistic about where they’re headed in the future,” Lewis said.

In addition to his role at Latymer Upper, Lewis is responsible for co-founding UES Education, a private independent educational consultancy based in London. The school currently partners with UES Education during May, utilizing their diagnostic SAT and ACT tests for Grade 10. 

While currently working at UES, Lewis will dedicate three days per week as a university advisor in the High School during the 2023-24 academic year. Starting in August 2024, he will transition to working full-time at the school.

Director of University Advising Anne Richardson said Lewis exemplifies all the significant attributes of a university advisor.

“I know from experience and also from hearing other people talk about Mr. Lewis that he absolutely would agree with and models all of the important qualities of a university advisor,” Richardson said. 

Richardson said some of these qualities include supporting students and parents through the application process while also preserving the integrity of the school.

Furthermore, Marcus Chae (’24), who will have Lewis as a university advisor, said he believes Lewis is the ideal fit for the position. 

“I trust Mrs. Richardson, the University Advising Office, as well as ASL to pick a qualified candidate for the position,” Chae said. “In terms of what a qualified advisor means, at the end of the day, they must really get to know their students. As not only are they advising them on which college to go, but a huge part of their job is writing a recommendation.”

Timeline Graphic by Zoe Karibian

Richardson said Lewis’ expertise and experience made him an ideal candidate for the university advising team.

“Mr. Lewis has been involved in this profession for a long time,” Richardson said. “He also has lots of experience of working with, you know, high achieving, highly ambitious students and families. And so, in that sense, we are a really good fit for him.”

Lewis said one of his goals is to broaden students’ perspectives and make them aware of the exciting opportunities that European universities can offer.

“My feeling is that kids generally can apply to the U.S. or U.K.,” Lewis said. “But actually, you know, there are lots of great European options out there as well, and I hope I can open up students’ eyes to those different options out there because they are quite exciting.”

In addition to his new perspective, Richardson said she is optimistic about Lewis’ contributions due to his character. 

“He is just a great guy,” Richardson said. “He’s incredibly personable, he has a strong ethical core, which I love. I think students and parents are really going to enjoy working with him.”

Lewis said he is thrilled to join the university advising team as he considers it to be a great working environment.

“I think being part of the Office of Student Advising, it’s a really special team,” Lewis said. “With the grade level deans, the university advisors and the support staff, it seems like a really fun place to work. I think that working in that very collaborative, very student-centered way is really exciting.”


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