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School to host AMIS Honor Orchestra festival

Photo courtesy of Lorraine Davis
Students participate in the AMIS Honor Orchestra festival in Madrid, Spain April 22, 2023. The selected students for the Honor Orchestra Festival have prepared for months and will perform in the School Center.

The school will host the Association for Music in International Schools Honor Orchestra Jan. 31-Feb. 4. Schools from across Europe will come to the school to perform in the School Center Feb. 4 at 6:30 p.m.

Performing Arts Teacher Lorraine Davis said a record number of participants from the school were accepted to play in the orchestra this year.

“ASL got nine people in, which is a record-setter for us,” Davis said. “ASL used to get between one and four people. This marks a huge achievement for ASL musicians who will play.”

Luseni Conteh (’26) said he was honored when he was chosen to play in the selective orchestra because “a lot of people audition” and the audition-taping process required a lot of practice.

Performing Arts Teacher Anna Salmi said students auditioned in October with a recording of them playing advanced musical patterns in addition to a solo. A panel then listened to the recordings anonymously and ranked the top performers to determine who received a place in the orchestra.

After the selection process, Davis said students are given music to practice which they will play in the festival alongside students from other schools.

Conteh said he is looking forward to the experience of playing with a professional conductor and meeting other musicians from across Europe.

“It’ll be interesting to see his different conducting styles, and I’ll have to adapt to a new way of teaching,” Conteh said. “It’s a great opportunity to play an instrument and connect with other people who have similar interests.”

Leading up to the festival, Salmi said a large amount of work and planning were required when the school agreed to host the event.

“Ms. Davis and I are organizing the festival,” Salmi said. “So it’s always a lot of work because we’ve sought out everything for the festival, including meals for 60 students and all their teachers, as well as all the excursions, all the facilities.”

Davis said the AMIS festival is a great opportunity for students to practice and experience what it is like to be a professional musician.

“It’s exciting and the AMIS festival is really inspirational for everyone,” Davis said. “The students get to play music that is beyond the level that we normally get to do at school.”


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