StuCo blog #6

As the upperclassmen get to attend prom every year, the underclassmen have the opportunity to attend our own thrilling event – Jiggle. Despite it being called ‘Bounce’ for the past two years, Jiggle is the same bouncy castle extravaganza that has been running for the past two years.

Instead the event is now revamped, starting with the name that was kindly thought of by our very own, Amin Ojjeh (‘16). This year, all ten Student Council (StuCo) reps from ninth and tenth grade have worked together to form mini committees in order to get all the aspects of the event formulated.

Andrew Skow (‘17) and Lucas Pabarcius (‘18) sorted out the food, with the help of Jed Alberts (‘16), which will be catered by the ever-so popular, Brunos. As well as that, there will be baked goods kindly donated by the parents.

Ayse Yucesan (‘18) and Jordi Albanell (‘17), along with the help of Seb Fousse (’18) and Alex Ferragamo (’18), mapped out the spacing of all the facilities, and how everything will fit, which will be in the Main Gym. As well as that, the food will be in the gym foyer.

Ariadne Letrou-Papamarkakis (‘17) and Caitlin Welch (‘18) booked the facilities by the company, and made sure all the funds were sorted out. Andrea Nebreda (‘18) and myself, along with the help of Jagger Bossouge (‘17), came up with a playlist that will run throughout the event. The music is a mix of trap music like 2 Chainz and remixes, as well as some popular songs.

Also, Maddie Kolaja (’18) kindly assisted with finding chaperones for the event.

Charlie Victor (‘18), Ben Shields (‘17) and myself made sure to advertise well and spread the word about the event in order to get a vast turnout.

So, hopefully all the underclassmen reading this are looking forward to the upcoming Underclassmen event Jiggle which will consist of socializing with the other grade, bouncing around in the bouncy castles, racing your friends through the assault course, and messing around in the ball pits.

The event will be today, Friday May 1st, from 4pm-6pm in the Main Gym. Sports are cancelled so all underclassmen are encouraged to come (and watch the play afterwards!). See you all there!

– Emily Gossett (‘16)