Changes to how food deliveries are handled

Changes to how food deliveries are handled

On November 30, students heard in the morning announcements that there were changes to the way food deliveries would be handled by the school.

For various reasons, security officers at the front desk will no longer hold onto food from delivery companies at the main entrance. Instead, students will have to collect their food from outside the building.

Head of Security Barak Favé explained the decision. “So many deliveries are coming, [and] many people are ordering stuff,” he said. “We couldn’t have them waiting in the reception. At some point, we had 10 people there. You wouldn’t let the pizza man come into your living room, you say goodbye at the door.”

Jonathan Phillips (’19) respects the new procedure, although questions what sort of impact this will have in the long run. “I thought that this decision had good intentions, but I am not sure how it will be practically effective,” he said.

Nevertheless, he thinks that it is necessary and beneficial for everyone in the community. “Personally, I have felt anxious because of the Paris attacks, and it is no coincidence that these new rules were implemented when they were,” Phillips said. “I think that these rules provide little protection to the school. Instead, it shows that the school is trying to do what it can to create a safer learning environment.”

Access Control Officer Bhupendra Patel, who sits at the front desk greeting students and guests throughout the day, interacts with delivery drivers frequently. He feels that the decision was a necessity. “The thing is, some of the students order stuff half an hour before it is to be picked up. Sometimes I end up with five different carrier bags with food, and it’s not nice. Not just security wise, the smell of the food for the people visiting,” he said. “And on some occasions, the food is here and the student never picks it up, so after they spend the money, I have no choice but to throw it out.”

However, Favé insists that this rule will not apply for the parents dropping off lunches for their kids. “Parents come, they have their ID’s,” he said. “On top of that, we know the parents. As far as we are concerned, they are a part of our community. But there, we draw the line.”

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