Students finalize applications at College/University Fiesta


Jonathan Novak

Students work in the learning commons during College/University Fiesta. The day provided students the opportunity to finalize applications and meet with college counselors.

With the most common early decision deadline (Nov. 1) to apply to American college approaching, the college counselors hosted “College/University Fiesta” Oct. 24 and 25.

The days were organized openly, allowing students to work on their essays, meet with their college counselors, or even submit their applications in a productive setting.

Parents of seniors brought in Mexican food and baked goods in honor of the “fiesta” theme. 

Andrew Shaffran (‘20) said he thought the days were beneficial due to the working environment that was created. 

“[College fiesta] was a good opportunity at a high energy time of the year to come together and be able to bounce ideas, not off of just each other but get real face to face time with counselors,” he said.  

Also, Shaffran said the event helped him in “getting grounded before deadlines.”

“It’s really easy to be all over the place right now,”  he said.