Grade 9 students have Winter Formal

Willa Blair and Grace Hamilton

The Grade 9 Winter Formal took place Jan. 31 in the Farmer Gym. The Grade 9 Student Council Representatives organized the event, and all Grade 9 students were invited to attend. The formal included free food, a photo area, ping pong tables and a professional DJ. The event was designed to give the grade an opportunity to have fun and enjoy spending time with friends. 

It was originally postponed due to lack of organization, but some students felt that the event was rewarding. Elena Alexander (‘23), attended the formal and enjoyed the event. 

“My favorite part of the formal is being with my peers in a non-school setting because this way we get to connect on a different level rather than just being at school,” she said.

While many attendees enjoyed the overall experience of the formal, some saw areas of possible improvement. 

Tatum Holderied (‘23) attended her first formal at ASL. She said that the formal was fun, yet the Farmer Gym was not an ideal environment. 

“There’s not enough people for the space,” she said. “Even if a venue would cost money, that makes it more of a formal. It would be more of a nicer thing.”