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Top 5 activities to do under lockdown

Jonathan Novak
Culture Editor: Online Grace Hamilton shares a number of different suggestions for how to spend the summer in London while in lockdown.

Movies and TV shows: 

Netflix Party is a must-have Chrome extension that allows Netflix users to enjoy movies and TV shows with friends. This extension not only allows multiple users to watch Netflix programs together at the same time but also includes a messaging feature that gives viewers the opportunity to communicate during the movie/TV show. Netflix Party is incredibly user-friendly and requires little effort to use, as you can simply download the extension through the Chrome Web Store, open the application to send a link to the friends you wish to watch the show with, and then wait for them to join. 


Peloton, the popular exercise bike company, is currently offering free workout programs for 30 days. The company offers a variety of live and pre-recorded workouts, including programs for strength, yoga, running, cycling and bootcamp. These workouts can be accessed through both the Peloton website (for use on a laptop) and the Peloton app (for use on a  mobile device). All of these programs provide accessible, at-home workouts that members can do easily without equipment. With the closure of gyms, taking advantage of the many workout options Peloton presents is an excellent way to stay fit and active. Especially for those who have been prevented from participating in their usual sports, Peloton programs help to improve athletic performance and keep players in shape for the next season. 

Down Dog Yoga has also extended free programs to students and teachers until July 1. Accessible through the mobile app and the website, Down Dog Yoga offers interactive live classes and on-demand programs. With a variety of free classes to choose from, this program allows users to select yoga sessions that match their level of experience, their preferred workout type and length and the area of the body they wish to strengthen. These easy to follow classes are a fun, relaxing way to practice mindfulness, improve flexibility and stay healthy.


Reading is one of the most productive and beneficial ways to stay occupied at home. For up to two months, Amazon Kindle Unlimited offers thousands of books, of all genre types, to choose from that are accessible either on a computer or a digital device. With the lack of access to bookstores and libraries, Kindle Unlimited is the perfect solution for finding engrossing books. The quick access that Kindle Unlimited provides also gives app users the freedom to read at any time in any place. 


UberEats is a food service that provides easy access to local restaurants. There are various options for food selection, including Chinese, Mexican and Italian. Tortilla, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut are just a few of the many different restaurants to order from. In response to the closing of all non-essential businesses due to coronavirus, Uber-Eats has waived all delivery fees for orders from independently owned restaurants. Accessible through its website and app, UberEats not only gives users the ability to eat their favorite meals, but also supports restaurants that may be struggling. 


The extra time that quarantine gives does not necessarily have to be spent sleeping, watching Netflix or on unproductive activities. Coursera is a website that contains thousands of free online courses from hundreds of different colleges. The website allows you to choose from various categories of classes, such as business, health/medicine, science, history and languages. Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, and Duke University are a few of the colleges that offer free programs through Coursera. These courses could appeal to both those who are seeking rigorous, challenging courses for their interests or those who would prefer to take a course for fun and the sake of being productive.

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About the Contributors
Grace Hamilton
Grace Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief
Grace Hamilton (’23) is the Editor-in-Chief of The Standard. Her love for writing stemmed into a passion for journalism, and she became involved with The Standard in Grade 9. Journalism provides her a powerful platform to inform the ASL community and learn more about local and global perspectives, issues and events. Outside of journalism, Hamilton leads the Sustainability Council, writes creatively and sails competitively.
Jonathan Novak
Jonathan Novak, Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online Emeritus
Jonathan Novak (’20) is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online Emeritus of The Standard. He joined The Standard as a staff writer as a freshman and previously was the Sports Editor. He likes writing and exploring issues in the school and the professional sports world. Novak is involved in the varsity soccer and track teams. His favorite subjects are math and science. Novak has lived in London for his entire life and been at ASL since K-1.

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    Peggy ElhadjMay 23, 2020 at 9:24 am

    Great information – I am going to check out Coursera!