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GALLERY: Students, teachers participate in annual Quiz Night

Grace Blanton (’25) whispers the question’s answer to Amari Victor (’25). Luseni Conteh (’26) said the environment was lighthearted although the teams put in their full efforts. “Even though people were socializing and having fun, the teams were still competitive and wanted to win, which made the experience even more interesting,” Conteh said. (Ailish Herrmann)


Students look at an image of a scene from a movie to determine what movie it could be from. (Ailish Herrmann)


Trevon Ashton (’25) announces the theme of the next round of the Quiz Night while Evan Golden (’26) counts up the points of each team. Audrey Gahr (’27), a member of the Student Council, said she enjoyed keeping track of the scores. “Counting up the teams’ points was a little stressful but it was worth it because I loved the energy everyone brought,” Gahr said. (Ailish Herrmann)


Tami Shasha (’26), Shelbe Yousey (’25) and Feodor Ramin (’27) discuss the potential answers to a question. Quiz Night took place in the Commons Nov. 30 from 5:30-7 p.m. (Ailish Herrmann)


Student Council members Evan Golden (’26) and Audrey Gahr (’27) keep score of the teams’ points while Trevon Ashton (’25) reads out the next question of the movie trivia section. Gahr said everyone at Quiz night was very energetic and had a great time. “Everyone participated and laughed a lot, and it was a perfect way to bring students of all grades together,” Gahr said. (Ailish Herrmann)


Marcus Hajjar (’27) thinks about his response before writing it down. Luseni Conteh (’26) said Quiz Night allowed him to practice thinking under pressure. “[Quiz Night] challenged me to think on my feet, and I’d get really excited when I knew the answer to one of the questions,” Conteh said. (Ailish Herrmann)
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